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World powers to struggle for developing resources of the Moon

The UN calls to elaborate regulations for the development of the Moon before privately-owned companies take the Earth's natural satellite under control. World superpowers will start competing  for the development lunar resources already in the foreseeable future, Bloomberg reports.

The era of the development of the Moon will trigger the uncontrolled mining of minerals on the satellite. Many companies from different countries already eye the resources on Earth's satellite.

China currently conducts experiments to simulate life on the Moon. The experiment, which will last for 200 days, is conducted with the participation of four volunteers, who will have to spend all these days living in isolation. The experiment is conducted in the laboratory of the State Technical University of Beihan, where the Moon is an isolated 160-square-meter cubicle. This is the first such laboratory in China, and the world's third bioregenerative life support base.


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The aggravation of the relationship between Russia and the USA that started unfolding during the presidency of Barack Obama has evolved into a real war during the arrival of Donald Trump. The United States has conducted a series of powerful attacks on Russia in the economic field. However, it is the EU that poses the biggest threat for the US

USA will perish if China turns to European Union

Modern European monarchy is, perhaps, one of the most discussed topics in relation to Europe. Some are happy about the cultivated tradition and strongly support the monarchy in the EU, while some are very unhappy with the ruling family and call it a sham. The latter are largely right as the monarchs have forgotten about their responsibilities

Who needs modern monarchs?

The World Health Organization has issued an alert that Bubonic and Pneumonic Plague are back, ravaging Madagascar since August this year, causing panic in the heavily populated coastal cities. In total there have been 131 cases and 24 deaths. Despite this, the WHO as usual has advised against any travel or trade restrictions.

The Black Death is back