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Ecuador to legalize all drugs - from marijuana to heroine

01.06.2015 | Source:




Ecuador to legalize all drugs - from marijuana to heroine. 55374.jpeg

In Ecuador is expected to become the second country in the world and the first in the Western hemisphere to legalize all drugs. With new legislation to be approved, Ecuador is said to legalize drugs from marijuana to cocaine. Even heroine is expected to become legal in the country.  

Portugal became the first country in the world to have ended the drug war within its borders in 2001. The Portuguese society has improved considerably since then. The number of drug-related deaths has decreased along with the number of juvenile drug addicts, as well as the number of people doing drugs in general

Infectious diseases spread through needles and dirty drug practices have declined rapidly in Portugal since the end of drug prohibition. Many prisons have even shut down because there is not enough crime.

Ecuador's new bill would set a new example of a country without drug prohibition for Latin America. 




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