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American on trial for plan to assassinate George Bush

The trial of the man accused of "plotting to kill President George W. Bush" has begun in Virginia.

According to prosecutors, Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, 24, from Virginia, is a "trained terrorist" who sought to kill the "leader of the infidels."

"He betrayed his country by joining forces with our most lethal enemy overseas," says Assistant U.S. Attorney David Laufman.

Abu Ali faces federal felony charges, which if convicted, could place him in prison for the rest of his life.

Abu Ali is charged with conspiring to assassinate the president, conspiracy to commit air piracy and offering aid to and receiving financial assistance from members of a known terror organization.

The backbone of the case is a 2003 confession in Saudi Arabia, that defense attorneys are arguing was obtained through torture.

"The defendant received terrorist training in weapons, explosives and document falsification," AHN quoted Laufman as saying.


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