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Girl dies after school year-end party in Dagestan

02.06.2014 | Source:




Girl dies after school year-end party in Dagestan. 52880.jpeg

Fifteen students were hospitalized after graduation party in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan. One of the girls died. The students were celebrating their graduation at one of the cafes of the city; all of them were taken to hospital with symptoms of food poisoning. The children suffered from severe cardiac arrhythmias, medics said. The girl, aged eleven, died. In total, 16 children suffered, 13 of them are children aged from 4 to 14 years.

"The preliminary cause of the disease is food poisoning that the children suffered from during the party celebrating the end of the school year. The party for fourth-graders was held in a café on Dakhadaev Street," officials said.

Investigation is underway. 


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