Source Pravda.Ru

Vladimir Putin congratulates Russian Air Borne troops on their professional holiday

Today, Russia is celebrating Air Borne Force day, which was set up 72 years ago. It is generally believed that this arm appeared on August 2nd, 1930 when for the first time in the war history, parachute troops landed in an airhead located deep in the manoeuvre enemy's rear during a military exercise near Voronezh /Southern Russia/.

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated all present-day and former paratroopers on their professional holiday. He believes that the Air Borne Force, the elite of the Russian Armed Forces, always successfully accomplishes the most difficult and dangerous missions in "hot spots." "Today, Russian paratroopers are fulfilling a mission of the utmost importance, which is to improve their professional skills and combat readiness. The success of anti-terrorist and peacekeeping operations greatly depends on the successful accomplishment of the aforesaid task," the presidential address to Russian paratroopers reads.