Source Pravda.Ru

83-year old veteran rescues drowning people in Moscow region

On Friday Filipp Onopriyenko, 83, a veteran of the Russian Armed Forces, rescued a drowning couple - Lena and Andrei M.

The young people decided to bathe in a small lake in the Moscow region. Suddenly the woman had a cramp in the leg and started drowning. He husband tried to help her but also began drowning in panic. Onopriyenko, who was not far from the lake, heard their cries and rushed to rescue the drowning people.

In spite of his age, Onopriyenko dragged them out on the shore and helped to overcome the shock.

According to Onopriyenko's neighbours, he always keeps fit - in summer he jogs and swims every day and in winter goes in for skiing. Onopriyenko is an honorary pilot of the Soviet Union.