Source Pravda.Ru

About 30% of Russia's Citizens Think Kaliningrad Problem Settlement Success

About 29% of Russia's citizens know that Russia and the European Union settled the problem of transit to and from the Kaliningrad Region recently and 38% heard something about this agreement. This is according to a poll conducted by the Public Opinion foundation. The most knowledgeable are those with higher education and the residents of the North-Western and Central Federal Districts.

Nearly one third of all polled (31%) believe the agreement is a success of Russia's diplomats. This viewpoint is especially widespread among those residing in the North-Western Federal District. However, 18% of those polled think that the agreement is not Russia's success at all. This viewpoint is most characteristic of communists and their supporters. About 19% could not answer either way.

Also, 19% of the respondents believe that the Kaliningrad Region, although remaining a part of Russia, will live by its own separate laws. Another 8% think the Kaliningrad Region will be lost for Russia. A considerable part of all respondents (23%) could not come up with any forecasts as to the further developments of the situation.

The total number of respondents in this poll conducted throughout Russia was 1,500.