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Four Russians rescue eight Mongolian citizens sinking in river

Four Russians rescued eight Mongolian citizens, drowning in a river in Mongolia.

A UAZ-452 car, carrying 11 Mongolian citizens, went into the Tola river at a high speed and sank at a 4-meter depth.

Having noticed a sinking car, workers of the gold mine "Zaamar" (Mongolian company with 100% Russian capital) Valentin Paushok, Sergey Polikanin, Aleksander Safonov and Yury Semiletov hurried to rescue people. They managed to rescue from the quick and cold current of the mountain river all 11 passengers and started to render first medical aid. Unfortunately, despite all efforts of the Russians, the lives of the three passengers, among whom were two children, were not saved.

According to the witnesses, the accident occurred due to the driver's fault, who lost control of the car.

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