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Chinese dies after 24-hour work shift

A 30-year-old woman died from exhaustion after working a 24-hour shift at a Chinese handicraft factory, state media reported.

The China Daily newspaper reported the handicraft worker, He Chunmei, fell into a coma and quickly died on Friday last week after working for 24 straight hours at the Guangzhou Huaxin Handicraft Factory in southern Guangdong province.

The paper quoted He's relatives and co-workers as saying employees had been ordered to work extra-long shifts because the factory was moving to new premises and orders had to completed.

"Since October 24, all of us have had to work more than 15 hours a day, the China Daily quoted Zhang Zujun, one of He's colleagues, as saying.

He's brother, He Maojun, who also works at the factory, said they had needed to continue working despite the long shifts to support their family. Their salaries were $164 a month.

The Hes are migrant workers from southwestern Sichuan province. The China Daily said local authorities were investigating the incident and He's family were negotiating with the factory's owners for compensation, AFP reports.


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