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Russian President congratulates Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a telegram of congratulations to Her Majesty Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain, on the 50th anniversary of her enthronement.

The Russian presidential press service reported that the telegram read in part that Russia "has maintained considerate and respective attitude to the British Royal Family." "We still cherish the warmest memories of your visit to the Russian Federation in 1994," Vladimir Putin said.

The president stressed that Russians considered Queen Elizabeth II "to be an admirable example of honest service to her people, the protection of their values and traditions." "I am sure the long-term partnership which marks a new stage of cooperation between Russia and Great Britain on the basis of common values and joint counteraction to challenges and threats facing humanity will successfully develop for the good of the two countries' people, for consolidation of peace and international security," the message of congratulations reads.

Vladimir Putin wished the Queen and her family good health and prosperity, and peace and well-being to the people of the United Kingdom.

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