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Vladimir Putin Attends Ceremony Of Passing New Nuclear Submarine To Military

On Tuesday Russian President Vladimir Putin attended a ceremony of passing a new nuclear-powered submarine, the Gepard, made in Severodvinsk to the military. The president rose to the upper deck of the submarine, moored to a pier of Sevmash, the Northern machine-building works. In his presence consecrated was the naval St.Andrew's flag. To the tune of the national anthem the flag was hoisted on the ensign staff. After the official ceremony Vladimir Putin went inside the submarine and talked to the crew. The Gepard is a multipurpose nuclear-powered submarine of the third generation. It was laid down at the Sevmash works back in 1991 and is the last one in the series of 14 Bars-class submarines. Russian naval experts say it is the most updated underwater missile-carrier, embodying the latest achievements of Russian submarine manufacturers. According to open sources, the Gepard has a displacement of about 13,000 tonnes, maximal speed up to 33 knots and diving depth up to 600 meters. Such submarines are believed to be the most low-noise Russian subsea craft. They are armed with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles. Final sea tests proved the Gepard's full readiness. The sub has successfully passed missile firing tests at a sea test range, Vladimir Chuvakin, deputy general director of and in charge of military equipment manufacture at the Sevmash works, told RIA Novosti.

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