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Liz Hurley, Arun Nayar arrive in India for traditional wedding celebration

British actress Elizabeth Hurley and her new husband, Arun Nayar, arrived in Mumbai on Monday for the next leg of their nuptial celebrations six days of traditional Indian festivities that will culminate in a ceremony at a maharaja's lavish palace.

The couple were married Friday in a private civil ceremony at Sudeley Castle in Winchcombe, 125 miles (200 kilometers) west of London.

Photographers snapped shots of Hurley, wearing a short white dress, and Nayar, in a jacket, blue shirt and jeans, arriving at Mumbai's airport from London early Monday.

The celebrity couple have been tightlipped about their plans, which are expected to include a traditional "haldi" or turmeric ceremony in which the bride and groom are covered in a paste of turmeric, milk and cream believed to cleanse and beautify them.

The ceremony will be hosted by family friend Parmeshwar Godrej, the wife of well-known Indian industrialist Adi Godrej, the Times of India newspaper reported.

The ceremony, to be held in Mumbai on Monday, was to be attended by a small group of close associates and be followed by a formal dinner, the newspaper quoted Godrej as saying.

In Indian marriage ceremonies, haldi or turmeric is applied to the bride's face, hands and legs and dabbed on the groom's face. Elder family members and friends then bless the couple with wishes for a happy married life.

The celebrations are to continue from Wednesday to Saturday in the city of Jodhpur at Umaid Bhavan Palace, the Maharaja of Jodphur's palace-turned-luxury resort, reports AP.

Hurley, 41, and Nayar, 42, are also expected to have a "mehendi" ceremony in which intricate henna designs are applied to the bride's hands a day before a lavish reception at the palace on Saturday.

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