Source Pravda.Ru

Dead cats can fly in the Netherlands

Bart Jansen of the Netherlands, found an original way to immortalize his cat, who had been killed by a car. The Dutch artist made a helicopter from his pet Orville.

Jansen was keeping Orville's body in a freezer for about six months. Afterwards, the man  took the body to a taxidermist and attached plastic propellers to each paw. Jansen placed the engine inside the stomach of the stuffed cat.

"Now he is flying with the birds," Jansen wrote in a description of a YouTube video showing the cat-copter's first flight. "The greatest goal a cat could ever reach!"

"After a period of mourning he received his propellers posthumously," he said.

The Orvillecopter currently struggles to fly steadily, a problem Jansen has promised to fix.

"He will receive more powerful engines and larger props for his birthday. So this hopping will soon change into steady flight," Sky News reports. 


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