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David Mamet turns Hollywood writers strike into cartoons

Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet found inspiration in the Hollywood writers strike.

In a cartoon published Tuesday on the op-ed page of the Los Angeles Times, Mamet played the labor dispute for laughs, appearing to lampoon Writers Guild of America strikers.

The cartoon, drawn in a rough scribble, shows two men, each wearing a "WGA on Strike" button. One, with sunglasses and a palm tree-decorated shirt, says: "Whaddaya think, will we end up on the breadline?"

"I don't touch carbohydrates," the other cartoon figure responds.

Mamet, who won the Pulitzer for "Glengarry Geln Ross," is also a screenwriter and creator and executive producer of the CBS TV series "The Unit."

The show remained in production Tuesday, the day after the union went on strike against producers, but Mamet was observing the walkout, as was fellow executive producer Shawn Ryan, a show spokesman said.

A request for comment from Mamet was made to his agent Tuesday but there was no immediate response.

Ryan, creator of "The Shield," is a member of the WGA negotiating committee.

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