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Yakutia launches charity fund for disabled children

Yakutia launches charity fund for disabled children. 46077.jpegThe authorities of Yakutia launched the charity foundation for disabled children. The foundation, which was called "Protection," was established upon the initiative from the President of the Republic Egor Borisov. The charitable organization will work in two directions. It will conduct individual work with children and provide financial assistance to social projects.

"I believe that we can try to do everything possible to help you find your place in this life," the Prime Minister of the republic, the chairwoman of the trustee council of the foundation, Galina Danchikova said.

Vera Dushkevich, the director of "Protection" ,said that the idea about the foundation appeared during her meeting with the head of the region, Egor Borisov, in January 2011.

"Afterwards, there was a meeting with the business community, at which the managers of enterprises supported the idea. Today, the fund exists - we launched our activities in August. The organization will work in two main directions: individual work with children and financial support to social projects," Dushkevich said. 


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