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199 National Public And Political Associations Currently Operate In Russia

Currently, 199 national public and political associations operate in Russia, Yuri Chaika, Russian minister of justice, stated Friday at the ceremony of granting registration certificate to the People's Party of Russia. The minister reported that out of 199 public and political associations there are 58 parties, 36 political organisations and 105 public and political movements. According to him, "taking into account regional and interregional movements there are thousands of them in the country." Chaika favours the new law On Political Parties coming into force. He underscored that before the law's adoption we witnessed splitting of political forces and appearance of one-day parties. According to Yuri Chaika, the law has been designed "to streamline party construction and provide parties with conditions comparable with their role in society." The People's Party of Russia became the first party registered in compliance with the new law.

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