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State Decorations Criminal Case Completed

The General Office of Public Prosecutor has completed the investigation of a criminal case of illegal buying and selling of the state decorations, according to the information and public relations department of the General Office of Public Prosecutor's report for RBC. Vladimir Gvozdarev is charged with clause 324 ("buying or selling official documents or state decorations") and 327 ("forgery, buying or selling of forged documents, state decorations, impresses, seals, forms"). The investigators have disclosed that the accused received $15,000 from deputy general director of a commercial firm in Nizhnevartovsk for forging the documents on investiture with the Order for Service to the State of IV degree. The decoration itself was stolen by Gvozdarev from one of the holders of the order's widow. Having received the money, Gvozdarev mailed the decoration to the businessman's office. The parcel aroused suspicion at the military registration and enlistment office which processed the documents. After the check-up the fraud was disclosed. The criminal case has been forwarded to the court.

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