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American and Russian cardiosurgeons saved life of person from remote Primorye's village

10.10.2002 | Source:



In Vladivostok American and Russian cardiosurgeons have saved the life of a person from the Donskoye village, Primorye's Lesozavodsky district, by means of a difficult heart operation.

The youth from the taiga village suffering from a congenital heart disease came to Vladivostok, so that the medical commission could confirm his disablement, said the administration of the Primorye first clinical hospital on Thursday.

However, after the examination the team of American and Russian surgeons offered to perform an operation to implant an artificial valve worth 2,500 dollars. The patient did not pay anything as the operation was performed in the framework of a charity action, which is being conducted by American doctors from the US Medical Assistance Foundation (Modesto, California) in Primorye.

The doctors intend to perform a total of 12-14 operations in the action's framework.

The team of American cardiosurgeons from the national Medical Assistance Foundation arrived in Vladivostok on October 1 in order to introduce new opportunities of cardiosurgery to their colleagues in Primorye, help them master the modern methods and technique to perform such operations as well as conduct a number of free consultation seminars.

This is already the second time a team of US doctors has come to Vladivostok. During their first visit in May 2001, the American surgeons successfully performed the first thirteen operations of aortic coronary shunting in the Primorye Territory first clinical Hospital.


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