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Elvis memorabilia to find new owner

A legal battle over Elvis Presley's collection of memorabilia could be nearing an end.

The Delaware Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld a ruling granting California businessman Richard Long ownership of the collection of items once owned by Presley's physician, Dr. George Nichopolous.

The collection includes a black doctor's bag used by Nichopolous containing prescription bottles bearing Presley's name, as well as jewelry, guns, and a laryngeal scope used to examine Presley's throat.

According to the lawsuit, Nichopolous agreed last year to sell it for $1 million (€680,000) to Long and his business partners, Robert Gallagher and Betty Franklin of Nevada. Long put up the money, and Gallagher and Franklin, who claimed to have a "half interest" in the collection, agreed to assign all their rights to a company Long controlled.

Long alleged in his lawsuit that Gallagher and Franklin refused to surrender access to the memorabilia and would not provide the paperwork needed to obtain insurance. A judge entered a default judgment against Gallagher and Franklin in July after they repeatedly failed to appear for court hearings and ignored court orders.

The judgment held Gallagher and Franklin in contempt and gave Long authority to dissolve the partnership and sell the collection. The Supreme Court turned down Gallagher's and Franklin's appeal Tuesday.

David Finger, an attorney for Long, said his client is determined to make the pair give up the collection.

Michael Matuska, an attorney for Gallagher and Franklin, did not return a telephone message Wednesday.

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