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Amy Winehouse Divorces from Blake Fielder-Civil

The 2-year marriage of Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil came to a formal end in a functional first floor courtroom in London Thursday.

As one of 25 couples seeking to dissolve their marriages, Fielder-Civil, 27, was granted the divorce from Winehouse, 25, in a hearing that lasted all of 75 seconds, as the singer admitted adultery, court papers show, People Magazine reports.

The divorce becomes final after six weeks and a day, ending a marriage that provided dozens of international headlines and, according to sources close to Winehouse, nearly helped to write the epitaph for the troubled singer.

The couple, who met in a London bar in 2005, were married in a simple ceremony in front of a few friends in Miami in 2007 but spent much of their wedded life apart, as Fielder-Civil was arrested six months later on an assault charge and sent to jail, reports.

According to judge Michael Segal granted the divorce in proceedings which neither Blake, nor Amy were present for. It only lasted a few minutes anyway.

No one should cry for Blake though. It’s alleged that Winehouse has agreed to pay him off with 3.6 million settlement. She’s estimated to have about $15 million of her own, CDInsight reports.

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