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Michael Douglas' Son Arrested Over Drugs

The son of Oscar-winning Hollywood star Michael Douglas has been arrested in New York City.

Cameron Douglas, 30, was arrested by police in the city's Hotel Gansevoort on a methamphetamine-dealing charge, Scottish Daily Record reports.

He was allegedly in the middle of a deal to move half a pound of crystal meth, with a street value of Ј12,000, from California to New York to sell when an undercover informant alerted the DEA of Douglas' involvement.

A source tells "A DEA informant visited Cam (in New York) to set up a buy - he wanted a large amount of crystal meth.

"The informant told DEA (Cameron) was strung out and his hotel room at the Gansevoort and was a mess."

Cameron was said to have then promised the informant he could "deliver" the drugs - but they were intercepted.

The source added: "Douglas called a drug contact and said he was going to ship out the crystal meth. It's unclear if the drugs were being couriered by car or other means but the DEA was able to track the shipment out of Los Angeles," The Sun reports.

Meanwhile, Michael Douglas was out of the country and unavailable for comment. His longtime rep declined to comment to PEOPLE, CNN reports.

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