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Matt Damon Surprised At High Pace Of Rumors' Circulation

   Matt Damon has laughed off internet rumours that he died during a hiking accident.

   The Hollywood star used his Toronto Film Festival press conference to condemn journalists for spreading the 'silly' story.

   Rumours circulated that the Bourne Identity star had been killed after falling off the Palos Verdes Mountain in California

   The star was stunned when reputable news groups called his publicist for a comment without realising the internet story was a prank.

   He said: 'My publicist got all of these phone calls from very reputable sources. I got forwarded the story, which, if you read it, it just gets sillier and sillier, and, by the end, the guy who's said to be my agent is quoting the lyrics to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air." Matt also added:   'My publicist's like, 'Did you even read the story?' Misinformation is quicker because you [bleep] are lazy! That's how these things spread like wildfire.'

   The Departed star  is now promoting his new movie, The Informant!, which premiered at the Venice film festival earlier this week, according to Daily News' report

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