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Canadians spot 1,000 UFOs every year


Writer Chris Rutkowski, who has been keeping a journal of UFO observations since 1989, says that Canadian citizens report about 1,000 incidents of UFO sightings every year.

The majority of such cases, says Rutkowski, can be explained, but some of them are beyond explanation, reports UPI. The government does not try to look into this issue in detail, although it used to show more interest in flying saucers.

According to Rutkowski, who receives most comprehensive information about flying saucers, the Canadian ministries for transport, defence, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and other agencies, used to make serious efforts to find UFO wreckage. Meanwhile, unidentified flying objects appear in the sky over the country more and more often.

In 2011, there were 980 UFOs seen in Canada. Rutkowski has not processed the data for 2012 yet, but the writer says that there will be even more of such cases.


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