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Changes In Criminal Code On Terrorism Submitted To Parliament

At the initiative of the Ministry of Justice, a number of changes to the criminal law, including changes related to terrorism, has been submitted to the State Duma, Lower House of the Russian Parliament, said Minister of Justice Yuri Chaika at a press conference in Moscow Friday. According to Mr. Chaika, the ministry has proposed to extend measures to protect judges and law enforcement employees in cases on terrorism to witnesses in those cases. The Justice Ministry also proposes extending the possible term of holding an individual in custody without issuing a charge to up to 30 days, given there is a court sanction. According to the effective legislation, law enforcement bodies can hold suspects in custody for up to 3 days; with a sanction by a prosecutor, this term could be extended to up to 10 days. Mr. Chaika believes it necessary to introduce changes to the Article 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on Terrorism. The ministry proposes that new corpus delicti -- financing terrorist activities by legal entities -- be introduced.

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