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Muslim clerk calls on believers to boycott Elton John's concert

According to BigCaucasus website, chief imam of Zakabanny mosque of Kazan, Saidzhagfar Lutfullin called on Muslims not to attend the Elton John concert in the capital of Tatarstan, as the artist "promotes homosexuality."

The concert of the British musician will be held in Kazan on December 7, the day after his stop in Moscow.

According to the Imam, Elton John, just like singer Madonna, advocates the legalization of same-sex marriage and publicly condemns the governments of the countries, where gay pride parades are prohibited.

Famous rock journalist and music critic Artemy Troitsky, in turn, noted that Lutfullin's statement has a right to exist, although he stressed out that there was no propaganda of homosexuality in the work of Sir Elton John.