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Official shot during scheduled culling of stray dogs and cats


Official shot during scheduled culling of stray dogs and cats. 52153.jpeg

In the Saratov region, a criminal case was opened into the wounding of an official during the shooting of stray animals.

The incident occurred in August.  The chairman of a local association of hunters and fishermen said he and the victim, reportedly the head of the district administration Alexey Vorobyov, went to attend the scheduled culling of stray dogs and cats.  Vorobyov stepped from the car in the direction of the forest. At this moment, the chairman of the association of hunters saw a stray dog running by. He pulled out a shotgun and shot at the animal, wounding Vorobyov in the stomach.

As long as the shooter was performing their professional duties, he faces up to a year in prison. Some reports say that the two officials were poaching wild boar.



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