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President Putin Calls On Society To Unite Against Xenophobia And Violence

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called upon the society to unite against xenophobia and violence. He said this at the Sixth World Council of the Russian People held in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour Thursday. According to him, the creation of a democratic, just, and secure world system is a matter of common responsibility. "Uniting efforts of states is not enough for creating this system," the Russian President said. "We need a popular agreement that xenophobia and violence are unacceptable," he emphasised. "We must respond by spirituality and tolerance to barbarity and attempts to stir up a conflict of civilisations and religions," he said. The head of state also stressed that the September 11 events had not only struck the planet, and changed the world, but also reminded to all of us about its fragility. Russia was one of the first to face terrorism." "We managed to localize it and prevented the spread of nationalist epidemic and religious national phobia," he pointed out.

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