Source Pravda.Ru

Obama: 'We can't ax the police'


US President Barack Obama used a fake dialect in his speech to a predominantly African-American audience. In the part of the speech regarding crime and policing, Obama used the colloquialism "ax" instead of saying the word "ask".

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"If we politicians are simply ramping up long sentences for nonviolent drug crimes that end up devastating communities, we can't then ax the police to be the ones to solve the problem, when there are no able-bodied men in the community." Obama said.

Noteworthy, Obama has a long history of adopting fake accents and personas when speaking directly to black people.

In 2008, Obama dubiously addressed his accent, stating "My father was from Kenya so I've got an Arab-sounding name, and I think most people know that I was raised by my mom who was from Kansas, which is why I've got a Kansas-sounding accent."




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