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World's largest spokeless Ferris wheel to be launched in China's city of kites

World's largest spokeless Ferris wheel has been built in China, in the city of Weifang. The attraction will welcome first visitors in early June.

Weifang is one of ecologically clean settlements in China, where the level of urban greening exceeds 40%. Weifang is known as the city of kites, where kite festivals are held every year.

The Ferris wheel was built on a bridge over the Bailang River. The bridge is 540 meters long. The construction of the Ferris wheel required 4,600 tons of steel. Visitors to the attraction will be able to ride one of 36 capsules, each housing ten people. The wheel makes one turn in 28 minutes.

The capsules will have wireless Internet to give passengers an opportunity to upload their photos on the Internet instantly.


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