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New NTV administration takes up management of NTV following ruling of tver municipal court

14.04.2001 | Source:



Aleksander Kazakov, chairman of the Gazprom-Media Board of directors, reported that on Saturday new NTV administration took up management of the company on the basis of the decision of the Tver municipal court of Moscow, which met its appeal regarding actions of the former NTV management which obstructed it from performing its duties. According to Kazakov, the court took the decision to arrest the NTV seal and charter documents. He indicated that this "automatically means that the complete power to manage the TV company is being transferred into the hands of the new administration". In reply to the question regarding the necessary presence of court marshals during the transfer, Kazakov stated that there were no such necessity as the marshals were needed only in case the opponent party obstructed the execution of the court judgement. Kazakov explained that in that case the guards which were hired by the former NTV management unconditionally abdicated their responsibilities in accordance with the documents presented to them.

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