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Electricity Transmission Line To Be Laid From Russia's Kola Nuclear Power Plant To Finland

A high-voltage power transmission line, Kola Plant-State Border-Pirttikoski, will be laid from the Kola nuclear power plant, in the Kola peninsula in northern Russia, to Finland. RIA Novosti learnt this on Friday from the press service of the Rosenergoatom nuclear power concern. Its specialists explained that now, for lack of electricity consumers in the Murmansk region and a small throughput capacity of the transmission lines south of the Kola power station, one of the facility's power units is being unused although they all are fit. Since nearly a fourth of the Kola plant's generating capacities are in this way idling, the budgets of the Murmansk region and the city Polyarnye Zori are being underfed. The VL-330 power transmission line will resolve the problem and the plant will operate at full load. In preliminary figures, 120 million dollars will be required to lay the transmision line. The Rosenergoatom and the German firm RWE will make equal investments. The project will be the largest in the history of Russian electricity sector, stressed the Rosenergoatom press service.

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