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Men can get rid of toxins with the help of masturbation

Scientists from Australia believe that periodic masturbation is very good for men healthwise. An act of masturbation helps men relieve their body of toxins, a recent study said, The Sherbrooke Times reports. In addition, masturbation is an effective prophylactic measure for prostatitis and urogenital diseases.

It improves blood circulation in the small pelvis. Therefore, if a man does not have an opportunity to have regular sex, he should consider masturbation as a way of taking care of his own health. Three or five episodes of masturbation a week is absolutely normal, the scientists said.

Earlier, it was established that men and women masturbate for different reasons. Men usually pleasure themselves due to the lack of sex, whereas women do it in an effort to receive additional pleasure.

The conclusion was made on the basis of a survey conducted among 7,648 men and 8,090 women 18-60 years of age. It was established that those men, who could not have as much sex as they needed, had to masturbate more frequently to compensate for the lack of sex. The situation with women was different: the more sex they have, the more they masturbate for complementary purposes.


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