Source Pravda.Ru

Bear cub, presented by Shoigu to Voronezh rescuers, gets new home

Bear cub Umka, whom Russian Emergencies Minister Sergei Shoigu presented to Voronezh (the Chernozem area) rescuers three years ago, have been provided with a new home.

The bear cub spent three years at the zoo in the park of aircraft builders. But the cage became too small for it, and Umka used to lift the roof or to bend rods. When it became obvious that the bear can free itself, the zoo authorities decided to build him a new solid house.

However, the owners of the zoo, the Voronezh aircraft building association, failed to solve this problem for financial reasons. After that, the zoo workers turned to the local media for help in building a new cage.

Having learnt about it, Shoigu, who hadn't forgotten about his present, charged the Voronezh bridge-building plant with making a new cage. It was done at once.

Umka has already been in his new house and seemed to have liked it. However, the official house-warming party is scheduled for August 17, the Air Force Day.