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Russian Fishing Trade Union Sues Economy Minister

The Primorye regional fishing trade union applied to the Russian General Prosecutor's Office and the FSB federal security service demanding to file a case against German Gref, Minister for Economic Development and Trade, for the intentional creation of economic conditions leading to the bankruptcy of the Russian fishing industry. RosBusinessConsulting received this information from a source in the fishing trade union of the Primorye region today. Representatives of the union are sure that auctions for fishing quotas, initiated by German Gref, inflicted damage worth hundreds of million dollars to the fishing industry. According to chairman of the Primorye fishing trade union Vladimir Nagorny, fishermen have to make payments for fish that they did not catch, payments that are larger than tax payments of Russian enterprises. The Primorye fishing trade union supported the initiative of colleagues from the Kamchatka region who initiated a meeting among representatives of the fishing industry, State Duma deputies, top managers of the industry and President Vladimir Putin.

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