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White dinner in Paris brings 15,000 people together

As many as 15,000 people dressed from head to foot in white outfits, poured into the streets of Paris to spend the night with a glass of red wine as part of the incredibly beautiful action known as White dinner.

This year the event took place for the 25th time. It all began back in 1988, when 10 friends wanted to enjoy their meal at a place in Paris, which was not allowed for the purpose.

The entertaining action later developed into an international undertaking. Such dinner parties are held in Milan, Barcelona, ​​the USA, Singapore and even in Rwanda.

Yet, nothing compares to the stunning White dinner in Paris. By the way, dining like that is not available to all. To do this, one has to receive an invitation from organizers.

The white dinner party has a few fixed rules. Anyone, who has received an invitation, is required to bring a guest along. They both have to arrive by public transport.

With them, the guests should bring a picnic table, a picnic basket, folding chairs and a table cloth. And, of course, everything must be white.

There is also another strict rule - not to run away if it starts raining - otherwise you will be blacklisted from White dinners forever.

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