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Whitney Houston's home in U.S. state of Georgia foreclosed, up for sale

Grammy-winning singer Whitney Houston no longer has the Atlanta-area home she shared with husband Bobby Brown.

The five-bedroom Alpharetta home went into foreclosure this fall and was sold on the steps of the Fulton County Courthouse earlier this month, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The property has now gone back up for sale for US$1.398 million (Ђ1.09 million), according to real estate Web sites.

Houston's Atlanta attorney, Mark Trigg, confirmed the foreclosure to the newspaper, but did not provide other details Thursday.

Houston and Brown bought the home, which is north of Atlanta, in 2003 for US$1.1 million, reports AP.

In the meantime, Houston's New Jersey mansion is slated to be sold at a sheriff's sale because she is more than US$1 million behind on the mortgage and taxes have not been paid this year.

In September, Houston filed for divorce from Brown after a 14-year marriage. She remains in Los Angeles, where she is working on a new album.

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