Source Pravda.Ru

Russian hacker may spend 62 years of life in US prison

France delivered Vladislav Khorokhorin, a Muscovite, to the United States. The Moscow resident is accused of stealing personal data of credit card holders. The Russian man will face trial at a court in the United States, BFM.Ru reports.

Khorokhorin, aged 27, also known as BadB, is said to be one of the largest sellers of information about credit cards. The man was reportedly selling the stolen data about credit cards on such websites as carderplanet and The criminal managed to steal over $9 million in 280 cities of the world in less than 12 hours.

US authorities charged the Russian hacker with cybercrimes and fraud with the use of communication means. The French authorities arrested the Russian hacker on board Nice-Moscow flight.

If found guilty, Khorokhorin may face a prison term of up to 62 years. 


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