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Russian women twerk in front of war memorials across Russia

Another young Russian woman decided to perform the obscene dance known as twerk against the backdrop of a war memorial. As a result of the "performance," the woman was arrested for ten days.

The incident took place in the city of Bryansk, where a 21-year-old woman started twerking against the background of a tank on the territory of a memorial complex, Pravda.Ru reports with reference to TASS.

This is not the first case, when for some inexplicable reason, young Russian women perform the erotic dance in front of war memorials.

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Previously, several young women decided to twerk in front of a war memorial in Novorossiisk. The women were detained and had to incur an administrative penalty. A number of other cases like that then happened in the south and in the Far East of Russia. In Vladivostok, several girls were filmed twerking against the backdrop of a local attraction - the Russian Bridge. 


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