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Russian and Uruguayan scientists to cooperate on problems in the sea sphere

18.11.2002 | Source:



Uruguayan scientists and participants in the scientific expedition of Russian vessel Akademik Ioffe, which stayed in the port of the country's capital Montevideo for two days, mapped out prospects for cooperation in the marine geology and biology.

The Russian embassy in Uruguay reported on Sunday that the vessel's captain, Leonid Sazonov, and scientific head of the expedition Yevgeny Morozov informed Uruguyan scientists about the results of research, which were completed recently, on the Meridian programme and further plans of the expedition moving to the Antarctic region.

Members of the scientific expedition and the Uruguayan scientists discussed prospects of Russian cooperation with Latin American countries. An understanding was reached to sign a programme of such cooperation within the framework of agreements signed by the university of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay with the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Andreyev Russian State Institute of Acoustic Studies.

Professor of oceanology of the natural sciences faculty at the Republican University of Uruguay expressed confidence, during the meeting of the scientists, that there were real opportunities for conducting joint oceanological studies. The faculty's dean Ricardo Erlich stressed that such cooperation is a necessary element in relations between Russia and Latin American countries.

The next call of Akademik Ioffe to the Montevideo port is scheduled for March 2003 when specific agreements on cooperation may be reached.


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