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Meeting Commemorating Events of August 1991 to Be Held in Moscow Today

19.08.2002 | Source:



A meeting in the commemoration of the events of August 1991 will be held near the White House in Moscow today. This is according to Vladimir Komchatov, Chairman of the organising committee for establishing the Day of Russia's National Flag.

Mr. Komchatov said the events of national magnitude during the attempted putsch in August 1991 that became the beginning of the Russian state are more than just something having to do with Russia's flag. The participants of the meeting intend to ask the President to have a memorial stele erected near the White House and the square at the intersection of New Arbat and the Garden Loop named after those who died in August 1991 putsch.

The organisers expect about 1,000 participants. Planned for August 20 are a procession and a memorial service. On August 21, at the Vagankovsky cemetery, flowers will be laid on the tombstones of those killed during the putsch. The events will culminate in the raising of Russia's national flag at the white house on August 22.


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