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Searching For Lost Polish Tourists In Altai Unsuccessful Yet

Status of the searching operation for lost Polish tourists remains as yet unsuccessful. During the past few days, the searches were conducted near the Mensu glacier, the Belukha mountain, as well as in the TKT and Druzhba mountain passes. Aleksander Kus from Warsaw and Michalik Kamin from Crakow set out for mountains on October 9th from the Vysotnik base at the Kucherla village. For the last time, people saw them at the Ak-Kem mountain base. The two mountaineers did not register or report anything about their further route there. The Poles were expected to return on October 25th-26th. Up to October 31st, officers of the Altai rescue service had been unsuccessfully trying to find the tourists checking all possible routes. At the request of the Polish Ambassador to Russia, the searches were resumed on November 14th.

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