Source Pravda.Ru

Skating May Entail A Big Fine

Local authorities of the popular Hungarian resort on the Balaton Lake decided that people who ventured to skate on the lake would be fined; the size of the fine is 30 thousand forints (approximately 140 dollars).

The problem is that right after the Catholic Christmas, thaw began in Hungary and now a 15-centimeter ice on the lake is getting thinner. It is obvious that figure skating is extremely dangerous under such conditions, and any moment the sports entertainment may end in a tragedy.

Hungarian police got instructions to bring all violators of the order to police stations and expose them to a 30 thousand forints fine, which is a rather considerable sum, by the way. To tell the truth, skating on the Balaton Lake was always considered an unsafe sports. Although authorities allowed to skate there, people who dared to skate on the lake were responsible themselves for any consequences of this fun.

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