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Volvo wants drivers to booze

Swedish car maker Volvo asked the government to allow its test drivers to booze on the job. There is nothing misanthropy-like in this decision. The only thing the car maker wants is to make driving more secure

Car maker Volvo has asked the Swedish government to waive the country's strict drunk driving laws to allow its test drivers to booze on the job, news reports said Wednesday.

The safety-conscious automaker wants to test a new technology that is designed to make the car take control of steering when a driver's reaction time is slowed down because of intoxication or fatigue, reports the AP.

If the request is granted, it would be the first time the government makes an exception to Sweden's drunk driving laws, which are among the world's strictest, national broadcaster SVT reported.

"It's a matter of developing technical systems that warn if the driver isn't reacting properly," said Christer Gustafsson, spokesman for Volvo Cars, reports Reuters.

"That means if the driver is tired, sick, drunk or under the influence of other drugs. We want to do this in a controlled environment in Sweden," he told Swedish news agency TT. In Sweden, just one beer or a glass of wine could land a driver in jail for up to six months, says the AP.

As reports, some years ago drunk driving in Japan could end up with up two years in jail. In the United Arab Emirates drunk drivers are to pay a fine, spend a pair of months in jail and whipping.

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