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Florida mother gets in prison for instigation

A Florida mother urged her daughter to fight another girl in a bus. She was sentenced Thursday to nearly a year in jail.

Shayla Muldrow, 26, was convicted Tuesday of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and trespassing.

The March 2 fight gained attention across the United States because a surveillance camera on the bus recorded Muldrow climbing aboard, finding a girl who had allegedly slapped her 10-year-old daughter two days earlier, and then instructing her daughter to "handle it." Muldrow held her daughter's backpack as the two girls fought on the bus.

Muldrow did not react when County Judge John Conrad sentenced her.

Conrad said he struggled with the decision because Muldrow was a single mother of three, but he said he also wondered if she had thought of the ramifications of encouraging her daughter to fight.

Prosecutors asked for two years for Muldrow, who has several previous criminal convictions. Her defense attorney requested only probation.

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