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Moscow hosts presentation of book "Fighting Terrorism" by Benyamin Netanyahu

A presentation of the book "Fighting Terrorism" by Benyamin Netanyahu was held on the eve of his visit to Moscow. It is the first Russian edition of the book written by the former Israeli Prime Minister and incumbent Israeli Foreign Minister.

Israeli Charge d'Affaires ad interim Arkadi Mel-Man said at the presentation of the book that "Mr. Netanyahu knows what terrorism and fighting against it is by his own experience." He also recalled that Mr. Netanyahu's brother perished in 1976. He participated in an operation against terrorists who had hijacked a plane to Uganda.

When speaking about the book, Mr. Mel-Man drew attention to the fact that the Israeli Foreign Minister gave a number of concrete principles to be taken into account by politicians while fighting against terrorism.

The Israeli Foreign Minister also gives a definition of terrorism in his book.

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