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Russian Yelena Sokolova Leads the European Figure Skating Championship in Sweden

Russian Yelena Sokolova leads the European Figure Skating Championship in Sweden after the women's single short program. She is followed by Russian figure skater Irina Slutskaya. Third place was given to Hungarian Julia Sebestyen.

On Tuesday, the competition was held among dance pairs. After Tuesday's competition Russian pair Irina Lobachyova - Ilya Averbukh topped the list of the Championship. They are followed by Bulgarian athletes Albena Denkova - Maxim Staviiski. Tatyana Navka - Roman Kostomarov from Russia end the list of the Championship's leading dance pairs.

On Wednesday, sports pairs will compete in a freestyle program. After the short program the leading position is occupied by Russian pair Maria Petrova - Aleksey Tikhonov, who are followed by their fellow-countrymen Tatian Totmyanina - Maksim Marinin and French pair Sarah Abitbol - Stephane Bernadis.

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