Source Pravda.Ru

In Sweden, drinking water made from people's sweat

In Gothenburg, Sweden, the UNICEF, together with a local public relations agency, has decided to draw the attention of tourists and locals to the problem of the shortage of purified drinking water in the Third World. The manner, in which volunteers decided to prove that clean fresh water is one of the highest values ​​for man, is rather exotic.

Organizers installed devices in crowded places that are capable of synthesizing sweat in potable liquid. Volunteers are thus offered to work out on a stationary bike. Afterwards, the machine collects sweat from people's clothing and processes it into water.

There are not many of those who are willing to drink their own sweat. However, according to organizers of the project, each time when someone decides to taste the liquid from the machine, project sponsors donate a certain amount to water purifying pills that are then delivered to poor countries, where people have to literally drink from puddles due to the limited supply of fresh water.


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