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Russia to mourn helicopter crash victims on August 22

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin's decree, Thursday August 22will be observed as the Day of the National Mourning for the victims of theMi-26 helicopter crash in Chechnya. All entertainment events have beencancelled, flags are being flown at half-mast, and the correspondingchanged have been made to radio and television programs. Mi-26 crashed on amine field several hundred meters away from the landing area of the federalarmed forces in Khankala. According to the latest data, the accidentclaimed the lives of 115 people, while 26 people were injured and 7 peoplewere safe. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Ivanov told reporters there wasevidence of the violation of flight procedures, and promised a rapid andin-depth investigation into the accident. The minister called theassumptions that the helicopter was overloaded "absurd". The RussianDefense Minister said a monument to the victims of the helicopter crashwould be erected at the site of the accident. .

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