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British teen invites close friends for B-day party on Facebook, nearly 21,000 show up

41710.jpegIt has been reported that 14-year old, Rebecca Javeleau of England recently posted an event on Facebook inviting her close friends to her birthday party. She received a little more than expected when almost 21,000 Facebook users RSVP'd to her invitation.

This incident occurred as the teenager forgot to mark her birthday party as a private affair when creating the event on the social networking site, Tech24 says.

Police are wise to express concern about the party's original date. In February, a teenage girl advertised a party for friends in Merseyside, also in the U.K. It ended up being gatecrashed by dozens of adults, with much mayhem ensuing.

Sergeant Lewis Ducket said: "We are aware of this (event) and have been assured that the event is no longer taking place. I would urge people who may be planning to come to Harpenden for the party to make other plans. We will have officers on patrol in the area on October 7 to provide a reassuring presence and who will be able to deal with any issues, should they arise.", Examiner reports.


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