Source Pravda.Ru

Russians Believe that Today's Youth Aim Primarily for Wealth, Not for Independence

In the opinion of one third of Russian citizens questioned in a survey, the youth of today aim for wealth and material well-being. During a recent sociological survey carried out by the Public Opinion fund, this opinion was voiced by 35% of respondents. Half as many people (16%) consider that today's youth aim to receive an education. Still fewer Russians believe that the aim of today's youth is a career. Only 4% believe that youth aim for self-development, and 3% cited freedom and independence.

However, 17% of those interviewed said that today's youth live "aimlessly", and 7% believe that the limit of ambition for most young people is an "idle and beautiful" life (bars, discos etc.). 9% of Russians claim that young people "are drawn to drugs, alcohol and criminal activity, and nothing else interests them".

1500 respondents took part in the survey.